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Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods

by Dr. T. C. Fry


From Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods by Drs. T. C. Fry & David Klein




Because a raw diet of mostly fruits with daily vegetable salads, some nuts and seeds and very small amounts (less than a teaspoon daily) of sea vegetation is replete with all our nutrient needs, we suffer no deficiencies.


Because this raw food dietary is "clean-burning," that is, has little or no toxic substances within themselves or as by-products after ingestion –– that is, no disease-causing factors –– discomforts and suffering will not be a result.


The body's vital energies, if enough rest and sleep are obtained, will be sufficient to cope with some of the toxic factors in vegetables. For instance, lettuces have lactucarium, a milky soporific and mild opiate. Cabbage family members have sulfur compounds that are mildly toxic. For a rather complete listing of toxic substances (carcinogens) in foods, I suggest that you go to the library and look up the Sept. 23, 1983 issue of Science magazine.


I also suggest that you refer to the book, Diet, Nutrition and Cancer published in 1982 by the Nutritional Research Council. Chapter 13 of this book lists so many pathogenic effects of cooked foods you'll swear off cooked foods forever out of respect for the temple of your being, your magnificent body.


Yes, a raw diet enables you to overcome diseases!


If you adopt a natural diet of raw foods, your body can easily cope with cleansing itself of past toxic accumulations and normalize its weight. While there may be some discomforts because of heavy detoxification occasioned by an improved diet and regimen, especially from emptying the fat cells which are often "under the rug" storage depots for toxins and morbid matters, the overall improvements will be nothing less than spectacular down line.


Sicknesses, diseases and ailments will cease because their underlying causes have been discontinued, removed and eliminated. The body is totally self-healing and will do so if not burdened with new toxic input. Only irreversible organic damage cannot be overcome –– problems like Alzheimer's, where significant brain cell loss has been sustained.


Based soundly and scientifically upon our natural biological disposition –– upon our natural physical, mental, emotional, sensory and spiritual needs –– you can expect sensational improvements when you eat a raw diet and practice the totally effective health system of which it is a part. The health system of which the natural raw food diet is a part is the basis for vibrant, sickness-free well-being! By following this natural and effective system in practice, you almost surely will:


1. Overcome, once and for all time, occasional illnesses or annoying ailments. Whether it be indigestion, colds, flu bouts, mucus expectoration, headaches, backaches, fevers and "itises" or even such "incurable" problems as acne, allergy, arthritis, asthma, constipation, heart and cardiovascular problems, herpes, psoriasis, skin problems, sinusitis, tinnitus, tumors or whatever, this systems enables you to overcome almost anything simply by discontinuing and removing easily recognized causes, and establishing conditions that build great health.


2. Because you'll discontinue and avoid easily recognizable causes of discomforts, sicknesses and disease, you need not suffer even so much as another case of indigestion, aches and pains, fever (itis), sore throat, cough, cold or anything else!


3. Normalize your weight if it is excessive. Without dieting or counting calories, the Natural Hygiene or Healthful Living regimen born of properly meeting our needs causes the overweight to quickly, naturally, safely, surely, and permanently lose down to a naturally normal weight set-point.


4. Eliminate physicians, hospitals, drugs, and nostrums from your and your family's lives. You'll also be spared their astronomical costs as well as the aches, pains, discomforts, agonies, and lost time.


5. Save thousands of dollars every year in food, energy, medical, hospital, drug, labor, insurance, and other outlays!


6. Energize yourself! You'll get more done when your energy levels go up! You become more lovable and charming as you become happier, more radiant and more dynamic.


7. Increase your brainpower and mental alertness. Your thinking will be clearer, sharper and more focused. Your IQ and wisdom will increase significantly.


8. Have new-found strength, stamina, vigor and vitality.


9. Enjoy clearer complexion with a glowing and radiant skin tone.


10. Speak with an improved voice that tends to bell clearness.


11. Restore yourself to relative youth! You'll look, act and feel up to 20 years younger within one to four months.


12. Eliminate most digestive problems within 24 hours after going on this marvelous diet.


13. Improve your productivity and job performance, thus increasing your income appreciably.


14. Feel like a million! You'll have a buoyancy and bounce that even younger people do not have!


15. Decrease your sleep needs by about an hour daily even though you'll be better slept, more alert, and better rested.


16. You'll be sharper, more precise and correct in your judgments and assessments, thus enabling you to more accurately and quickly perform both physical and mental tasks.


17. When you start doing what you should always have been doing, you'll start being what you always should have been! When you do right, you'll become right.


Fresh as a daisy, inside and out. No more waking up groggy-headed with morning breath, crusty eyes and headaches.  No more foul body odors, indigestion, intestinal wind, skin rashes, oily and falling hair.  
Doesn’t that all sound appealing?  By eating properly, you can achieve a clean, attractive and youthful body, and improve your mental alertness and self-esteem to boot!  Your entire body can rejuvenate, you can slow down the aging process to a crawl  and feel great all of the time!  Here’s how:

The two essentials
There are two essentials for achieving and maintaining a pure body: 1. exercise vigorously each day, and 2. eat your natural diet in a manner so that all of the food digests completely.  T. C. Fry’s article on page 11 covers the first essential.  I am going to talk about the second here.

As covered by Roe Gallo in her “Detoxing” article on page 6, if you have been eating the standard American diet (SAD), your body is harboring deposits of waste matter, toxic chemical substances and unhealthy fat which needs to come out.  By eating properly you will naturally detoxify and may be able to solve all of your ills.  Many people, including myself, have overcome serious health problems by applying these healthful eating guidelines:

Clean out with purified water
Your body is approximately 70 percent water.  That water can get stale and fetid just like a stagnant lake.  It needs to be replaced with fresh water which will push out the wastes.  I believe that distilled water is the best water. Multi-filtered water is good too.  Drink plenty of water in the morning before you eat anything.  And drink water in between meals, but not within one hour after.

Clean out with citrus and other juices
Organic citrus fruit juices are the best and most natural foods for helping your body clean out and stay pure. Their acids are naturally purifying (great for breaking up sticky deposits  of mucoid matter), they help the body purge toxins, and they leave behind no toxic residue.  Avoid commercially-grown citrus, and avoid strong acidic citrus.  

Always exercise before eating a meal
Before taking in nourishment, you must create true hunger by exercising.  Even if you wake up hungry, it is important to exercise before eating, so as to wake up your digestive organs and oxygenate your blood.

Have whole or juiced fruit for breakfast
In the early morning your body does most of its detoxifying.  By eating fruits, you will not be interfering with the detox process.  By eating heavier foods which require digestive energy, you automatically suspend the detox process and wastes will build up.

Eat one or two salads per day
Get your minerals and fiber!  See Dr. Griselda Blazey’s article on page 9 on the value of eating mineral-rich vegetables.

Follow food combining to a “t”
Eating foods in combinations compatible with the limitations of your digestive juices is essential to digestion and inner purity.  Haphazard eating leads to indigestion, whereby food rots in the gut, making you toxic and ill.  Study Dr. Shelton’s books on the subject.  The best meal is a mono meal, i.e.,  one kind of food - simplicity is best!  The basics of food combining are:   1. Eat fruit only on an empty stomach and with no other foods except greens.  2. Do not eat fats/protein foods with starchy foods.

Eat only one heavy food per day
I consider nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado and cooked starches to be heavy foods.  To achieve optimum purity, avoid eating them in any combination or at different times on the same day with the exception of these compatibles: nuts and seeds are ok together and on the same day, and avocado and cooked starches are similarly ok.  

Eat a low-fat diet - no animal products
We can only digest protein foods in small amounts, and we only need small amounts unless you are a body builder. Nothing soils the bowels and poisons the body like poorly digested protein foods. To avoid putrefication, eat nuts, seeds and avocado only when you are energized and hungry.

Eat live, enzyme-rich organic food
Your live body was designed for live food.  The biochemistry of digestion depends upon the enzymes.  Cooking destroys the enzymes and most nutrient values, and makes food clogging and toxic (anywhere from mildly to grossly).  Much of the cooked matter becomes soil for bacteria, polluting the bowels, blood and cellular environment.

Avoid eating all-cooked meals
If you are eating cooked food, always eat a bigger portion of raw food with the cooked.

Chew chew chew your food well
This greatly  enhances digestion!

Breathe fully while eating
You need plentiful oxygen to digest food!

Space out your meals
Allow your body to digest the food and utilize the nutrients.  Avoid recreational  eating.

Avoid food within 2 hours of bedtime
Food cannot digest properly  during sleep. Late night eating leads to toxemia, as  evidenced by morning sickness.

Don’t make food an infatuation
“Eating can be dangerous”, says my fruitarian health writer friend Morris Krok.  He means that you can ruin your body by eating when there is no need for food and by overeating. Too much food soils your body and leads to illness, even if it’s raw food!  Eat simply and eat less to create and keep a pure body!


Your Natural Diet


T. C. Fry



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