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How to Make Zucchini Angel Hair Pasta with the Spiral Slicer


Select the produce


Make sure the zucchinis are firm, fairly straight, and have a minimum of about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. (The bigger the diameter, the better.)



Cut off the ends


Cut the ends off the zucchini, making sure that both cuts are straight and parallel to each other.

zucchini cut in half


Cut the zucchini in half


If extra long, you might have to cut the zucchini into thirds. No piece should be longer than 3 inches.

blade on spiral slicer


Select the blade setting (thick) If you turn the switch to the right you will get the thick setting that will produce thick spiral noodles.

spiral slicer


Select the blade setting (thin) If you turn the switch to the left you will get the thin setting that will produce long angel hair pasta like thin strands

spiral slicer


When the blades are facing up that will give you the angel hair pasta like thin strands. Do you see the sharp point in the center? You will need to center the produce on this sharp point.

spiral slicer


Center the Produce on the Spiral Slicer


The produce should be centered exactly on the sharp point.

spiral slicer


Attach the lid


Attach the lid and twist it to the right. It should gently lock into place. Keep one hand securely on the lid the whole time.

spiral slicer


Turn the handle clockwise While keeping one hand securely on the lid the whole time, use the other hand to turn the handle clockwise. Use the palm of your hand and turn the handle in a slow manner while maintaining a gentle constant downward pressure.

spiral slicer


Stop when the handle reaches the lid


Make sure the blade is in the same position before you continue to spiralize. Left for the thin setting and right for the thick setting.

zuccini pasta


Remove Lid


When you remove the lid you will have a small disk of produce left over. Use as crudités or put in your blender to thicken your sauce.

think zuccini pastaangel hair zuccini pasta


Thin Setting and Thick Setting


On the left, beautiful zucchini angel hair pasta that you can now slather with sauce and on the right, thick spirals that make a delightful addition to any salad!

how to pick produce




Use any firm vegetable that is at least 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter and not curved in any way.

how to cut produce


Make sure to cut off the ends parallel to each other. If an end is slanted you won't get the long noodles.


spiralized vegetables

Have fun and experiment with different vegetables!

I now recommend the Spirooli which is a similar

and more durable tool for making raw pasta.

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