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Spiral Slicer (Spiralizer)

+ Raw Food Spiral Slicer (Spiralizer) Recipe EBooklet

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No Longer Available


Please check out the Spirooli which is a similar

and more durable tool for making raw pasta.

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The Spiral Slicer is this amazing tool that can make different cuts out of vegetables. It used to be called the Saladacco but now it is called the Spiral Slicer and sometimes the Spiralizer. It is commonly used to make angel hair like pasta out of any cylindrical firm vegetable by using the thin setting. It also has a thick setting that is good to use for a garnish in salads. I have found the Spiral Slicer/Spiralizer to be an easy and inexpensive way to add variety to my diet and a great way to impress friends and family. I have taken the Spiral Slicer/Spiralizer with me traveling and use it often at home.


 circle The Spiral Slicer can turn almost any firm vegetable into fine spaghetti-like strands or incredibly thin, long ribbons.


 circle With the Spiral Slicer you can make professional-looking garnishes, onion rings, potato nests, elegant salads, vegetable pizza toppings, and so much more.


 circle With the Spiral Slicer vegetables can also be turned into thin, uniform slices, julienne strips or tiny cubes by adding cuts prior to slicing. (direction manual included)


circle The Spiral Slicer can be used instead of a mandoline to make small circular  paper thin slices.


The Spiral Slicer can be used with the following raw vegetables:

Summer Squash (Zucchini, Sunburst . . .)
English Cucumbers
Daikon Radishes
Young Kohlrabi
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Radishes or any Large Radish.


spiral slicer bookletIncluded with the Spiral Slicer is a Raw Glow exclusive FREE Raw Spiral Slicer recipe EBooklet ($4.95 value) with over a dozen raw food recipes to get you started. No where else will you find this booklet. Learn how to make Zucchini Angel Hair Pasta with Raw Alfredo Sauce, Creamy Bell Pepper Sauce, Tomato Ricotta Sauce and more.

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No Longer Available


Please check out the Spirooli which is a similar

more durable tool for making raw pasta.


In the Spiral Slicer Recipe EBooklet you will learn how to make these recipes and more:


Raw Food Pasta

Zucchini Angel Hair Pasta with Creamy Bell Pepper Sauce

raw food pasta


Raw Food Zucchini Angel Hair Pasta with Tomato Ricotta Sauce


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