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Simple, Healthy, Quick and Easy Raw Food Recipes

Quick and Easy Raw Food Recipes with Pictures!

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Raw Celery Avocado Stuffing
Celery Avocado Stuffing
This is a versatile and filling
raw recipe. The stuffing can be used as a filling or a salad.

Raw Shaved Fennel Salad
Shaved Fennel Salad
w/Raspberry Dressing

Sweet fennel matched with a
creamy raspberry raw dressing
makes this salad a delight.
Raw Pizza Pate
Pizza Pate
This pate can be used as a raw spread
on vegetables or a filling for raw food ravioli or lasagna.

Raw Tomato Fennel Soup
Tomato Fennel Soup
A simple raw food summertime soup.
Raw Green Soup
Green Soup
My version of Ann Wigmore's famous raw
energy soup.
Raw Zucchini Fettuccine with Seasame Mango Sauce
Zucchini Fettuccine
with Sesame Mango Sauce

An exotic sauce tops raw zucchini noodles.
Raw Apple Pie
Raw Apple Pie
An easy and healthy raw apple pie recipe.
Raw Lady Bugs
Lady Bugs
A fun and simple raw food snack.
Raw Traditional Gazpacho Soup
Traditional Spanish Gazpacho

A raw food recipe based on my
Spanish grandma's gazpacho recipe.
Raw Pasta with Basil Cream
Raw Pasta with Basil Cream

A very simple raw food pasta dish.
Almond Milk Raw Nog
Raw Nog
Use a nutmilk bag for a raw food festive holiday drink but healthy enough to drink all year round.
Raw Persimmion Pie
Spiced Persimmon Pie
A raw food healthy low fat alternative to
pumpkin pie, perfect for the holidays.
Raw Basil Lime Ginger Avocado Soup
Basil Lime Ginger Avocado Soup
A refreshing creamy soup with subtle hints of lime and basil.

Raw Sea Palm Pate Salad
Sea Palm Pate Salad
A healthy and hearty meal. A great alternative to tuna salad.
Berry Sweet Mulberry Tart
Berry Sweet
Mulberry Strawberry Tart

My award winning pie recipe!
Vegan Raw Food Sushi
A simple raw sushi recipe
with pickled ginger.
Tropical Brazil Nut Milk
Tropical Brazil Nut Milk
Use a nutmilk bag for a delicious drink perfect for your next party.
cauliflower rice with lime sauce
Cauliflower Rice with Lime Sauce
A hit at the potluck.
Raw Food Pear Delight Smoothie
Pear Delight Smoothie
I'm a fan of light smoothies. This is my latest creation:)
Raw Food Healing Soup
Healing Soup
An alkanizing, mineralizing, nutrient dense soup.
Raw Guacamole Goji Berry Salad
Guacamole Goji Berry Salad
A quick and easy dinner idea.
Raw Mango Coconut Yogurt
Mango Coconut Yogurt
A delicious non dairy alternative to traditional yogurt.

Marinated Asian Kale Salad
Marinated Asian Kale Salad
A delicious way to enjoy your greens.
Raw Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
A refreshing summer treat!
Granny Smith Apple Elixir
Granny Smith Apple Elixir  
A delicious detoxifying pick me up.
Raw Food Juice Pulp Patties
Juice Pulp Patties
I've been juicing a lot lately and this is what I'm doing with my pulp!
Raw Food  Rice Pudding
Raw Food Rice Pudding
This reminds me of the Spanish rice pudding from my childhood.

Raw Kefir Sorbet
Raw Kefir Sorbet
A probiotic sweet treat.
Raw Collard Green Salad with Omega Dressing
Collard Green Salad
with Omega Dressing

Sliced collards with a serving
of essential fats.

Cecilia's Raw Food Coconut Cream Pie
Cecilia's Coconut Cream Pie
My version of Cafe Gratitude's Coconut Cream Pie.
green drink 
Green Drink Recipes
Recipes for Alkalinity.
no nut dehydrated carrot cookies
No Nut Carrot Pulp Raw Food Dehydrated Cookies 
A delicious way to use your leftover carrot pulp!
raw sweet potato chip
How To Make Crispy Raw Sweet Potato Chips in the Dehydrator
You're gonna love these! 

2 Simple Raw Food Seaweed Recipes 
Two ways to add seaweed into your diet
sea weed salad
Two Light Raw Food Recipes with Fermented Vegetables 
Fiesta Soup and a Seaweed Salad with Sweet Onion Basil Dressing.

everyday blended soup
Cecilia‚Äôs Everyday Raw Food Blended Soup Recipe 
One of my favorite easy raw food recipes.
raw food energy bars
How to Make Your Own Raw Energy Bars 
Save money and make your own!
citrus mint water
Citrus Mint Water
Get yourself to drink more water! 

raw food avocado pudding recipe
Raw Food Avocado Pudding Recipe 
An easy raw food dessert recipe.
basil avocado sea vegatble salad
Basil Avocado Seaweed Salad Recipe 
My favorite easy seaweed salad recipe.
raw food pasta
Raw Food Zucchini Pasta and a Raw Marina Sauce
A classic raw food recipe with a wide appeal.  
How to Make Almond Milk and a Blueberry Carob Elixir 
A superfood drink!
healthy peach cobbler
Healthy Peach Cobbler Recipe 
An easy raw dessert recipe!
coconut water juice
Sunshine Juice
A delicious coconut water drink!

fresh turmeric
Fresh Tumeric Recipes 
Learn how to use "Indian Gold"!
Calcium Rich Recipes
Calcium Rich Raw Recipes
Concerned about getting enough calcium on a Vegan diet? Look no further!
spirulina green juice
Spirulina Recipes
Creative ways to use this algae superfood!

veggie burger
Raw Food Dehydrator Recipes
Easy veggie patty and onion bread recipes with no nuts!
2 easy raw salad dressing recipes
2 Raw Salad Dressing Recipes
Chia seed vinaigrette and a tahini based dressing that tastes cheesy!
cashew spirulina raw pudding
Cashew Spirulina Raw Pudding
Looks gross but tastes great and perfect for Halloween.

kiwi pomegranate salsa
Kiwi Pomegranate Salsa
Sweet, spicy, and oh so festive!
simple kale chips recipe
Simple Kale Chip Recipe
Make these in the oven or dehydrator for a healthy snack.
pear persimmon raw food pie
Spiced Pear Persimmon Pie Recipe
A great way to use your pears and persimmons this holiday season.

sweet apple slaw
Sweet Apple Slaw Recipe
Did you know you can spiralize apples? Make this tasty raw slaw and find out!

vegan sweet potato souffle
Vegan Sweet Potato Souffle
A delicious dessert you can make with raw sweet potatoes!
raw cranberry relish
Raw Cranberry Relish
The lime zest and cinnamon give this classic treat a twist. Serve as a side dish or eat as is!
raw persimmon sorbet
Persimmon Banana Sorbet
A healthy treat using only frozen fruit. Top with date sauce for a carmel affect!

raw moroccan salad
Raw Moroccan Salad
This sweet, spicy, and crunchy salad is sure to delight!

raw cauliflower salad
Raw Cauliflower Salad
Eat your cauliflower with this yummy side dish.

raw ginger cookies
Raw Ginger Cookies
Soothe your tummy with these raw ginger treats.

healthy ambrosia raw salad recipe
Healthy Ambrosia Salad Recipe
Reminds me of being a kid except with no dairy.

raw vegan sour cream
Raw Vegan Sour Cream
Tangy, just like the real thing!

raw avocado pudding recipe
Raw Avocado Pudding
Rich and creamy carob avocado pudding.
raw food vegan salad dressing
Raw Vegan Salad Recipe No Fat
Two low fat salad dressings
using mango for creaminess!
raw jicama chips
Raw Jicama Chips Recipe
A savory dehydrated jicama
chip with a spicy kick!
best green smoothies
Delicious Green Smoothie Recipe
Our families favorite green smoothie recipe. Simple and delicious!

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