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Petaluma Raw Potluck


Dear Sonoma County Friends,


After 8 beautiful years in Sonoma County I now have moved to Southern California. There are

still many raw food events going on in Sonoma County and I recommend going to www.meetup.com to search for events in your area.


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Petaluma Raw Food Potluck

Curious About Raw Foods?

Want to Meet New Friends?

Want to Enjoy a Healthful Meal in a Relaxed and Casual Environment?

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The Petaluma raw food potluck is for raw food enthusiasts who would like to prepare and bring a raw food dish to share and would like to enjoy the company and raw food creations of other guests.


The Petaluma Potluck's Mission Is to Create a Fun Supportive Community for Those Who Are Living the Living Foods Lifestyle or Would Like to Learn More About the Healing Power of Living and Raw Foods.


The potluck is held in East Petaluma at a state of the art recreation room and hosted by Cecilia Kinzie long time raw food enthusiast and raw food teacher. Click here to learn more about Cecilia.


Special Guest Next Potluck

This is the last Petaluma Raw Potluck hosted by Cecilia, come say goodbye! No guest this time just plenty of good food and socializing!

When and Where

Azure Apartments
1 Indigo Way
Corner of Casa Grande and Lakeville
Recreation Room Building 5
Petaluma, CA 94954


Friday, Sept 16th


Please e-mail glowingraw-potluck@yahoo.com for more info




From Highway 101, exit on Highway 116 East/Lakeville Highway toward Sonoma/Napa. Turn left off the freeway and then drive .7 miles to the intersection of Lakeville Highway and Casa Grande Road. It is prefered that you park on the street on Technology or Telecom Lane. Make a right on Casa Grande Road and then make a left onto Technology Lane to find parking or make another left to park on Telecom Lane. If there is no street parking, parking is available when you turn into the Azure complex , right next to building 3. Park in a space that has no number or says visitor in visitor parking. Do not park by the Subway, as they use those spaces for their business.

Azure is the apartment complex with green, gray, beige, blue, and gray apartments. We will be in the rec center in building 5 at the head of pool. It is the big building with the large glass doors. Click the link below for a map of the complex. We will be meeting where it says rec room on the map.





You do not have to be a raw foodist nor a vegan to come to the potluck, we only ask that you prepare a vegan raw food dish with the following guidelines in mind.

  • The dish must be Vegan. Meaning No Dairy, No Poultry, No Meat, No Eggs, No Fish or other animal products. Organic Raw Honey is okay.

  • If possible we prefer that the food prepared be Mostly Organic.

  • The food may not be cooked or heated above 120 degrees. Low temperature dehydrated food is okay as long as it is dehydrated at 120 degrees or less.

  • Avoidance or minimal use of salt, vinegar, oil, braggs liquid aminos, nama shoyo, tamari, garlic, and onion. If oil is used please make sure it is good quality virgin unrefined cold pressed oil and if salt is used please make sure it is a good quality sea or pink salt.

  • The dish must serve 10 people. If a couple brings a dish it must serve 20 people.

  • It is preferred you bring a plate and fork from home but there will be paper plates and disposable utensils on hand if you forget.

  • Bring marked serving utensils for your dish.

  • Bring your own water as there will be no filtered water readily available.

  • Please bring an index card to list all the ingredients of your dish. There will also be cards available at the potluck.

  • Please be courteous to the host and the other guests. Please treat the place as you would your own.

  • Please allow for 5 to 10 minutes after the event is over to help your hostess clean up after the potluck.

  • Due to noise restrictions, no musical instruments please.

  • A 4 dollar donation is requested. The money will go to rent for the recreation room, supplies for the potluck, and future raw food events.


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What to Bring

If you are unsure about what the raw food diet is please read this article. When  unsure about what to bring here are some suggestions. When in doubt keep it simple.


  • A big bowl of washed organic baby greens or any chopped greens such as lettuce, kale, or collards.

  • A plate of  organic washed whole greens such as romaine lettuce leaves, kale, and collard leaves.

  • A platter of washed organic crudités such as baby carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli florets.

  • A bowl of homemade guacamole.

  • A salad with a simple dressing made in the blender. Some examples are orange juice blended with pine nuts or tomatoes blended with basil and macadamia nuts blended until smooth.

  • 3-5 avocados.

  • A raw gazpacho or other cold soup made in the blender.


If you would like to try your hand at a recipe here are are some websites that offer recipes:




If pressed for time Whole Foods carries pre-prepared and packaged raw food.



Sprout bags, raw food recipe booklets, raw food charts, and other raw food items will be available for purchase. To see what will be available please see www.rawfood.com/shop

Petaluma Potluck Video

Watch this Video to See How Much Fun We Have!




Photo Gallery

Petaluma Raw Potluck Spread! More Raw Food! Time to Eat!
Potluck Spread More yummy raw food. flax crackers and sauerkraut Interesting Conversation
Mmmmm this is good! Mmmmm good salad dressing! Wow this raw tostada bar looks great! Raw Lemon Meringue and Banana Creme Pie with Raw Cacao Truffles!
Another picture Cecilia???Strawberry creme or mango pudding which should I Choose?Just Chilling at The Petaluma Raw Potluck!
Always important to tidy up! Our lovely speaker! Just lounging around enjoying raw food!


Local Raw Food Resources

I was out and about shopping and I noticed that there are some new prepared raw food items available to us at the Whole Foods in Petaluma.

Farmhouse Sauerkraut- Whole Foods now carries what I consider to be the best fermented veggies/sauerkraut I have ever tasted. They carry classic caraway, apple fennel, and smoked jalepeno flavors. The jalepeno one has smoked jalepenos, but the rest of the flavors are 100% raw and organic. Located in the refrigerated section next to the dairy. They also have a booth at the San Rafael Farmer's Market on Thursday.

Easy Living Raw Foods- Whole foods now carries Easy Living Foods raw almond milk and raw biscotti cookies and when I was there last it looked like there was plans to carry more items. They also have a stand at the San Rafael farmer's market Thursdays and Sundays.

Lydia's Loving Foods- In the refrigerated deli section Lydia's Loving Foods has a bunch of refrigerated prepared raw foods including raw energy balls, raw soups, collard wraps, kale and beet salads, different dips including cashew cheese, and a delicious raw blueberry cheesecake.

Zukay Raw Dressings- In the refrigerated dressing section in the produce department you will find raw fermented salad dressings. On their own they are a little watery but mixed with your favorite cold pressed oil or blended with your favorite nuts or seeds they make great dressings. My favorite is the Sweet Onion Basil flavor.

Earth Cafe-Has an array of raw desserts in the dessert section in WF's Petaluma including a strawberry cheesecake and a carob cream pie.

Good Faith Farm Olives (not at WF's but at the Seed Bank in downtown Petaluma)- They make the most amazing trully raw green olives, that rival olives I have eaten in Spain! With 3 flavors: thyme, oregano, and Moroccan spice.


Click here for more Sonoma Marin resources.


The Petaluma Raw Potluck's mission is to spread the word about the health giving benefits of raw foods. Please support us in that mission by graciously donating whatever you can. The money will go to rent for the recreation room, supplies for the potluck, speakers, and future raw food events such as raw food fairs and retreats. Thank you in advance.


Just enter whatever amount you feel inspired to give! Thank You!



Hope to See You There!

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 "Friends are like wedgies, it feels great when you pick a good one"