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Living In The "Meanwhile"

written by Lisa Hines


 I've been pondering a lot lately about this current life situation I'm in: called "Living in the Meanwhile." Actually, I've been re-vamping and re-launching Balance and Success for several months now. I started doing this because I found myself faced with being in a J.O.B. in order to pay the bills. My resources for making money in real estate had dried up. Fortunately, I was able to get a job which does pay the bills. Hallelujah!

However, I quickly became discontented with the whole affair. After about 6 to 9 months I was really ready to return to my own lifestyle of working at home, finding new dreams, aspiring for bigger and better things. The J.O.B. was/is still fulfilling the purpose of paying the bills, but it is not filling my life purpose by any means. I'm not one to settle for the hamster wheel of working, living for the weekends, and merely enjoying the small amount of time each day which does not involve getting ready for work, or maintaining the work lifestyle.

While making a lot of progress on my new business foundation and structures (and acknowledging them, too), I vacillate from gratitude and excitement to impatience and frustration. I feel so ready to be out of my current environment and really living my new lifestyle which I envision daily. So the times when I have to abandon my business and home to travel to work, on the same road, at the same time, can be really difficult for me. I go through a lot of agony sometimes. I know this kind of energy is not healthy and will steal my power and movement forward away from me. It will drain me of anything good and productive. Not to mention, it steals my joy and playfulness. Life truly is a journey and not a destination.

As a result of pondering this notion, I came up with "Living In The Meanwhile." I have dreams, aspirations, and specific milestones in mind. By acknowledging this IS ALL part of the journey, I can re-frame my so-called misery in a job, to something more positive and uplifting. I can live my joy now. I can be playful with my "now." My intention is to immerse in joy and gratitude, rather than pain and misery. As a result, my path will unfold easily and more timely. Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Here's what I do with this "Living In The Meanwhile:"

Each day I fill my morning with a beautiful routine which has yet to be named, but is filled with magic and glory. I love this time because I'm by myself, enjoying the absolute miracle of life: the birds, the gardens, my pets, and my thoughts. I write down the things on my mind and what I've recently accomplished. This helps get anything irritating or distracting out of my mind and on paper. By acknowledging my accomplishments, I can bask in what I have done instead of focusing on everything that needs to be done. At this point, my mind is already starting to become happier and clearer. This is the point when I write about "Meanwhile." I put down on paper all the reasons why this current situation is good, what it's actually doing for me. For example, this morning I wrote "Meanwhile, I'm still paying my bills and living where I want and buying things I want." How great is that? "Meanwhile, I'm building a strong business foundation." See? By re-framing this situation, it's no longer agony to come to work. I know I'm on my track I know what I want and where I'm going. I can trust in myself and the Divine that all is well and moving forward.

That's when I move into writing my Gratitudes and Affirmations. I'll write more on that another time. The message I want to give you is that "Living In The Meanwhile" is valuable and precious. It's a time to store and re-store your power. Don't let it out by living in misery. Know that you will need that power and energy later.

It's like a squirrel that collects acorns for winter. Its work to go find the acorns, then they have to carry them to the storage place, dig a hole in the ground or climb a tree, and then they don't even get to eat them yet. But, the day comes when they can turn to that storage spot and know they will not go hungry. When you're living in the meanwhile, you're storing your energy up for later when you can luxuriate in your accomplishments.


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