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Cecilia Benjumea Audio Interview

by Lenette from gorawhavefun.com


Cecilia Benjumea has been on a healing journey since she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome about 10 years ago. This journey lead her to the raw foods lifestyle which she's been living for 8 years in Northern California. Due to the raw foods lifestyle and other positive changes in her life she has had a complete recovery. Now she teaches and lectures about the power of living and raw foods and spreads the word through her website www.rawglow.com




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Topics Covered


circle How and why she got into raw foods.
circle Her first week on raw foods–what she ate (or didn’t eat) to achieve dramatic results.
circle The physical changes she experienced when first going raw and since then.
circle Cecilia’s raw food rampage of inspiration. (I was floating out of my body after this one!)
circle Food and your mood. (She totally gets this).
circle What raw food websites influenced her the most (Have you checked out these sites yet?)
circle Why she started her website and raw food journal.
circle Who her raw food mentor is and why.
circle Friends, family, boyfriends and fiancees–and your raw food diet/lifestyle (When is Raw-Anon starting?)
circle How she made the transition to raw foods and a great book to recommend for digestive tips.
circle The most important secret for your success. (Hint: Starts with an A.)
circle Making the commitment to yourself.
circle How to break a craving. (You’d be amazed how quickly you can do this.)
circle Where she continues to get her raw inspiration.
circle The importance of tweaking your diet.
circle What superfood she takes regularly. I love this one too!
circle What green smoothies have done for her in her last “Green Smoothie Challenge.”


This interview is packed-full of great information to help you on your way to getting your own raw glow :) Enjoy!



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