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Kyocera Ceramic Ginger Grater

CY-10 Kyocera Ginger Grater

kyocera cermic grater


CY-10 Small Grater (3.5” Diameter)


CY-10 Kyocera Ceramic Grater + FREE Shipping


$15.95 U.S.


No Longer Available


This little ceramic ginger grater is perfect for making ginger juice that you can easily pour into your raw dressings, if you love ginger, you are going to love this grater.


This super-efficient grater, made from advanced ceramic close in hardness diamond, will make any grating task a snap. With rows of long-lasting sharp teeth, roots such as ginger are quickly shredded, leaving the unwanted fibers behind. Also great for elephant garlic or daikon radish.


The non-corrosive bowl collects all the gratings and flavorful juices, without altering the taste. An amazing utensil, this grater catches the food for you as you grate it, preventing an unnecessary mess and an incredibly simple, hygienic cleaning surface.


Small, wear-resistant grater measures 3 1/2 inch in diameter." For ease of use, a silicone ring underneath holds the grater in place.





Long-Lasting Sharpness
Non-Slip Base

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CY-10 Kyocera Ceramic Grater + FREE Shipping


$15.95 U.S.


No Longer Available

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