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7 Tools for Cleaning Out Your Body

Heidi & JS Ohlander of www.rawfoodrightnow.com


This is Part 3 of our Now Cleaning series. Go read Part 1, our introduction, and Part 2 if you have not yet already caught up on the other parts of this series:

Part 1: Cleaning Out Your Life Right Now
Part 1: 7 Tools for Cleaning Out Your Life

Today we are going to talk about the actual dietary/bodily things you can do when you need that extra cleansing.

Heidi and I are in the process of giving everything a massive cleanse. Over at my site right now, I've been getting really deep into this intense process that I'm coining Extreme Cleaning. If you want to get past the uselessness of New Years Resolutions, Spring Cleaning, and all that rhetoric that only lasts one week out of the year, it's time to get into this process Now, which is the only time that exists and get yourself to that squeaky clean point you've always wanted to be at.

Does Your Diet Suck? Is Your Body Full of Soot?

Alright, so last time we talked about some awesome tools for cleaning out your life and we discussed how your physical surroundings are tied into your internal emotional and internal body energies.

Don't just think of this as some sort of New Age claptrap, get out of all those labels and just go with it. Do the ultimate in science claptrap: do an experiment and see the results.

I guarantee you that if you clean your inner body, you will either be inspired to clean your outer environment and/or you'll see incredible changes just happen around you and in your life. You'll see it in those around you, too. Be wary though, doing this can stir up some of your negative emotions and equally negative circumstances can reel their ugly head and you'll have to deal with them. We recommend reading Raw Emotions, by Angela Stokes to get the skinny on some of these more than useful emotional tools.

Now that we've got that all cleared up, here are some excellent tools for furthering your next level of internal (bodily) cleansing:

Juice Feasting - An incredible tool for internal cleansing without needing to fast on water flat on your back in a bed for weeks while an expert watches over you. Juice Feast, cleanse, and get on with your life. Check it out over at JuiceFeasting.com.

Raw Food - Yes, even eating all or mostly raw can be very cleansing. Some consider raw food a cleansing diet, in and of itself. Do you need to cut down on nuts? Increase your superfoods? Start eating more organic? The possibilities are endless. Look at your diet and see where you can improve. You may experience a cleansing reaction immediately.

Enemas/Colon Cleansing - While the word is still out on these practices, many find them very physically and emotionally cleansing. With all the chemicals and toxins we are constantly exposed to, a little "lower house cleaning" may be in order for you. Matt Monarch over at The Raw Food World has some cool colon cleansing tools you could get if you are interested. Matt is an expert on colon cleansing, and his blog usually has some interesting question and answer sessions about colonics, so check it out if you're interested.

Trying something entirely new - Sometimes just trying something new will get the flow back into your life. Maybe you eat a lot of fruit and have never tried superfoods. Maybe you use a lot of agave nectar and it's time to try a low-glycemic diet. Maybe you've cleaned up your candida and haven't had sweet fruit in years, add a tiny amount of fruit into your diet. Again, the possibilities here are literally endless. You may just need to change something up to get to that next level.

Packaged Cleanses - There are tons of 'em: Parasite cleanses, EJUVA, 7 Day Cleanses, pick one out and give it a shot.

Greens - It seems like we can always use more greens in our diets. You hear it everywhere; green smoothies, green juices, more greens greens greens greens. Haven't done much juicing? Start juicing greens. Don't like green smoothies? Give them a second try. Hate making salads? I could go on...

Let go of that one thing... - You know which one. It's that burrito you can't stop eating, despite your nearly ideal diet. It's that can of soda you have at work when you're stressed. Clean the bottom of your diet out to raise your top. Find out what your worst food is and let it go. You can still eat the other stuff that you know isn't good for you, just get rid of the worst one. You will feel so much better about yourself and your body will thank you.

There are endless ways to cleanse, clean, and rejuvenate.

In fact, there are lots of people out there that always seem to be on some sort of "cleanse". It's healthy to have a good view on this cleansing thing. You can end up depleting yourself of minerals and energy if you cleanse too much. Be soft and gentle. Your body can only do so much at once.

~ JS

Heidi & JS Ohlander are the creators of Raw Food, Right Now!, a website dedicated to making the raw food diet fun and easy for everyone. Heidi & JS help bring raw food to your world by offering tips, news, and information on integrating raw foods into your daily life. You can find out more by going to www.rawfoodrightnow.com



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